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Directions 2

Use the iphone or ipad or android device to take a video – this will be the overlay
1.          Open Aurasma and log in
2.          Click the ‘A’ logo to activate the screen if it isn’t active
3.          Click the ‘+’ icon along the bottom (choose overlay)
4.          Click ‘device,’ (bottom), the plus sign again, photo albumn, camera roll, click on the video -  click ‘choose’
5.          name it - click ‘finish’ (‘finish,’ is behind the keyboard)
6.          Take trigger image - when the black screen pops up with the white frame around it, take a still shot using the camera icon
7.          wait while it saves – purple circles will appear
8.          Position the overlay when the purple circles stop and you see the overlay video on top of the still image
9.          Click the purple arrow at the bottom right, click 'finish'
10.          Create aura message box appears with ‘enter a name…’ – click OK
11.          Give it a name by tapping in the ‘name box,’ click ‘finish,’ and wait
12.          When ‘your aura is now available’ position the ipad/iphone over the still pic that you took and the video should appear
13.          When you move  the mobile device, the aura (voice) will stop
14.          To see the auras that you created – be in the app and logged in - click on the ‘people’ icon at the bottom right, choose ‘my auras,’ select one
15.          To view the aura you created – open the app and log in- click on ‘auras’ click on the square icon along the bottom – hover the camera over the still digital pic – the movie should start 
16.          To delete auras click on the people icon, click on the tiny pencil icon at the top right, choose delete and wait
Suggestions and notes:
1.      create a channel so all auras will be organized and saved
2.      there are three ways to use Aurasma, as an app, as a white-label/skinned app, or as an sdk
3.      Download a free (‘free’ once you register) 19 page how to Aurasma booklet
To create an aura on your computer (and a worksheet to experiment) the following is from 
Upload a trigger image - either jpg or png file, no larger than 500,000 pixels in size (first icon at the left in the toolbar)
·        Do this by selecting trigger, top icon on right side toolbar
Upload an overlay (second icon in the toolbar at the left)
·        Do this by selecting the two butterfly icons on the right side toolbar
·        Overlays can be images, videos, 3D scenes, or models
·        Formats should be MP3, FLV, PNG, JPEG, or TAR (3D)
Create a channel (third icon in the side toolbar)
·        Do this by selecting the three square overlay icons on the right side
·        Channels are like file folders and contain collections of Auras
·        Give your channel a name, description and image
·        If you want others to view it then set the channel to ‘public’
Create an Aura by adding your Overlay to your Trigger
·        Do this by selecting the fourth icon, the Aura icon, from the right hand toolbar
·        Click ‘Add’ in the window that opens
·        Choose details, name the aura, select the trigger image, select the channel
·        Add an action is optional, i.e. ‘when Overlay is tapped’ then load URL
·        Position the Overlay in the Aura preview window
·        Right click on the Overlay and selecting ‘restore aspect ratio’
·        Click and drag the overlay to position it over the trigger image
·        Hold shift and drag the corners to scale the Overlay and click ‘Save’

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