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5th Grade

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1.      What 4 states make up the middle colonies? _____________   ___________   ___________   ___________

2.      The city of New York was originally called _______________________________

1.      What European Ethnic Groups settled the Middle Colonies _________________

2.      Two Native American Tribes that lived in the area were __________________ and ____________________

3.      Name at least 2 different religious groups that settled in the Middle colonies _______________________________________________________________________________________


1.      What types of crops were grown and gathered by farmers? _______________________________________


2.      What types of manufactured goods were produced? ____________________________________________


1.      What was farming like in the Middle colonies? What did the farmers do with their extra crops? __________


2.      A lot of the success of Pennsylvania and Delaware is owed to _____________________________________

3.      What was Philadelphia like under his guidance? _________________________________________________

4.      What European cultures settled in the Middle Colonies? __________________________________________


1.      Why did the Dutch West India Company want to settle in the Middle Colonies? _________________________


2.      How many different languages were spoken in New Netherland? ____________________________________

3.      After the English took over New Netherland what did they rename it? ________________________________

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