Mary Gerard Beckmann, EdD
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KMP Note and Greeting Cards

KMP Note and Greeting Cards is a group of ladies located in and around the St. Louis, Missouri, area who create hand-made, themed greeting and note cards for not-for-profit organizations and business establishments with special funding projects that provide food, care and homes for animals.

We also sell to individuals, and ask that you give us the name of an organization or benefit you would like us to donate the proceeds to in your behalf. 

We currently have the following themes:  Dogs (breed specific upon request/availability), cats, wine, flowers/nature, fish/wildlife and Christmas. Some cards have sayings on the inside and some are left blank for personal messages.

A sample of three of the types of cards we make are shown at the right and below. To order please contact Mary or join us at one of the events listed at the right.

The price is $2.00 per individual card or $15 for a box of 8. Our cost to replenish supplies is approximately $1 a card. The remainder (100% of the profits) and all of our time, is donated back to the represented organization.  

We are available to represent your organization at fund-raising events at no cost to you. We provide our own equipment, people, and tables and chairs. If you feel this service would be of benefit to your organization, please contact Mary Beckmann at 314-791-6685 or at  We will be happy to meet with you and provide samples of our products upon request.





For ordering, or for more information, please contact Mary
314-791-6685 or

Future planned events (but nothing definite yet!):

May and July, events for Franklin Humane Society
September, Green Tree Festival, Kirkwood, Missouri
November, Open Door Auxiliary